I treat all foot problems and give professional advice on how to care for your feet.

Some of the services I offer include:

    • Ingrown toenails

    • Thickened and fungal nails

    • Corns, calluses and verrucae

    • Athletes foot

    • Foot odour

    • Dry and cracked heels

    • Nail Surgery

If you suffer with pains in your heels or arches, arch supports and insoles can also be prescribed.

Even if your feet are generally in good condition, a single session of podiatry to tidy up nails, remove hard skin and give general foot care advice is highly recommended.

Jennifer Connell is a fully insured member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and is also registered with the Health Professions Council holding a certificate for the use of Local Anaesthetic.

Full treatment:         £35 for 45 minutes.

Short treatment:      £20 for 15 minutes.

Please note payment is by cash or cheque only.